Friday, January 05, 2007

The 110th Congress takes charge...

And what a bunch they are! A real mixed bag.

The media was having a Love Fest with Nancy Pelosi becoming the first female speaker of the house. I lived in San Francisco for 23 years, and Pelosi is a very familiar figure to me. I've already given some of my opinions about her in an earlier post. San Francisco Democrats are among the most far to the left in the Democratic party, and I don't doubt that in that sense, Nancy Pelosi has left her heart in San Francisco. It's the home of her constituents, and her real beliefs.

She gave a polished speech, that said all the right things. She understands what a Washington politician needs to do. And that photo op with all the children surounding her... she gave us all a real San Francisco Treat there. I'll give you an example.

I remember in San Francisco, there was this ridiculous wealthy socialite, Pat Montandon. She was an apologist for the Soviet Union, and she used to travel around the world urging appeasment to the Soviets, for the sake of world peace. She would surround herself with children, and travel with them. She called them "children as peacemakers", but I think it was really more like "children as props". They make great props to hide your agenda behind.

Surround yourself with children, and you are then supposedly on a moral high ground, where no one can question you. At least, that's the theory. More SF leftist BS, IMO.

I think Pelosi was just taking a page out of Montandon's book. Is that too harsh? Perhaps. After all Nancy really is right in one way; Congress really will be all about children, when you consider that some of her associates act like children trapped in adult bodies.

But I'm not going to speculate about what she might do. She's been given a big honor now. The reality is that she is now the House Speaker, and she was put there by due process. The fact is, we WILL now see what she's going to do.

I also expect Democrats to act like Democrats, and Socialists to act like Socialists. And like good partisans, they will fight to keep the power they have, and do everything they can to gain more.

It's too bad the Republican's didn't do the same. They are going to pay the price for that now, and they have no one but themselves to blame.

Can some good come out of this? Maybe. I think the Republicans became complacent and lazy, because the opposition party was so weak and ineffective. But now they have some real opposition, some competition. Perhaps now they will have some insentive to get their act together. Perhaps W. will even by some miracle be able to occasionally use that veto power that he has so long neglected.

Perhaps there will even be some real bi-partisan efforts to get some things done. I'd like to believe Pelosi's speech was more than just Washington-speak window dressing. We shall see.

But it's for our foreign policy that I fear the most. The Democrats have an abysmal record with foreign policy. Both Carter and Clinton weakend our military and security. The Democrats seem blinded to real dangers as they focus themselves on their socialist agenda. Their focus is not on national security. Where are they going to steer us to?

There are such grave decisons on the horizion. In the next two years there are going to be decisions made that affect the lives of millions. Bad decisions might cost the lives of millions.

I'm saying my prayers for ALL the members of the Administration, the Congress and the Senate, and the Supreme Court too; I pray that they are guided to make wise decisions.

The next two years won't be boring. No doubt there will be lots for bloggers to blog about.

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