Sunday, May 20, 2007

Farm Report 05/20/07

The "ladies" on bug patrol. They quite enjoy being free-range, but unfortunately have taken to laying half their eggs in the coup, and the other half outside in the brush. So practically every day there is an Easter Egg hunt at Robin's Wood.

In the background, the tall stick structure is a frame we've put around the cherry tree, to support netting to keep the Bluejays off. The squarish structure further back to the left is a pergola that Andy built for our Golden Kiwi vines.

Apple blossom time. This is the latest blooming branch of our Frankenstein apple tree (it has several different apple tree grafts on it, which bloom at different times, with different blooms).

Here are our Guinea fowl keets. We got them when they were just a few days old. I was going to take a picture of them when they were cute little chicks, but they grew up too fast. Here they are about 8 weeks old.

In the foreground, the blue flowering shrub is our Ceanothos, the blooms are already fading, I should have taken the picture a week earlier. In the background is our pergola. The vines are still too short to see.

All the leaves have unfolded by now; spring is sliding into summer.

The Calla lillies are adapting well to their new home on slope of our lawn. They don't seem to mind the clay soil.

Here is our blooming Columbine. The garden is singing, with the promise of many more blooms to come.

A Springtime cloud drama unfolding over the ocean as the sun sets. Another day at Robin's Wood comes to a close.

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