Friday, May 25, 2007

Only in Marin... I wish!

Al Gore made an appearance at the Marin Civic Center to promote his book. The ZombieTime Blog has plenty of photos:

Al Gore Appearance at the Marin Civic Center

Al is starting to look more and more like Chairman Mao these days.

The Marinites came in droves, in there SUVs and sports cars, to hear Al preach about global warming.

Click the link to see more pics of what 2,000 hypocrites look like. And their car bumper stickers and Che bags too.

When I moved to California nearly 26 years ago, people would often say "Only in Marin" about this sort of thing. Actually, I wish it was only in Marin County that this type of hypocrisy goes on. Now it's not limited to there, but it IS still typical for Marin. Unfortunately it also would seem it's becoming increasingly mainstream among Democrats.     

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