Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Iranian Fashion Police Publicly Bludgeon Women

Police, Improperly Clad Women Clash In Tehran
Male and female police officers clashed with women who were not dressed according to the Islamic dress code.

The clashes, which took place at Haft Tir Square in Tehran, came during the current Iranian security forces campaign to enforce the dress code.

One girl who refused to get into the police car was beaten by police, and removed from the area by civilians who were called to the scene.

Source: Rooz, Iran, May 21, 2007

My God!!! They're Beating Their Women to a Bloody Pulp!
[...] The Iranian blogosphere is all over this...
Will America ignore this brutality?????????? [...]

Iran Religious Police Now Beating Women in Public
[...] today's leftists are neither feminist nor progressive as they seethe and fume and argue for a complete abandonment of the women who are beaten, imprisoned, murdered and disappeared not only in Iran, but throughout the barbaric Islamist world.

I suppose when the world, even the United States, gives you a pass for murdering innocent civilians worldwide, beating up and murdering your own women becomes that much easier. [...]

Disgusting, but unfortunately not surprising. If they do this in public, imagine what they do behind closed doors?

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