Saturday, May 12, 2007

Iranian Fashion Police at work... literally

It's no joke. Here is a compilation of video clips of the fashion police at work, as shown on Iranian TV.

#1445 - Iranian Police Enforces "Islamic Dress Code" on Women in the Streets of Tehran.
Iran Ch.1, IRINN (Iran) - 4/15/2007 - 00:03:08 [video]

A portion of the transcript:

Dress code enforcer: The manteau you are wearing is tight and has a long slit. Don't you think it violates our society's norms? You live in an Islamic country, right? Your head is completely uncovered as well. Your make-up is too heavy.

Dress code enforcer: As an Iranian citizen, do you think the way you are dressed is appropriate?

Woman: My trousers aren't short, and nor is my manteau.

Dress code enforcer: But your head is uncovered, and that scarf you are wearing – do you think it is appropriate?

Woman: So the problem is only with my hair?

Dress code enforcer: Of course. Your head is uncovered. Please rearrange your scarf. What you are wearing is a sarafan. In the Islamic dress code, this is not acceptable as an appropriate covering.

Woman: Why not? It has sleeves, and it is not short...

Dress code enforcer: No, what you are wearing is a sarafan. Do you admit that it's a sarafan?

Woman: So what's the difference between a sarafan and a manteau? It's got sleeves like a manteau.


Dress code enforcer: Come here, please. Good day. You are an Iranian citizen and a resident of Tehran, just like me. Don't you think that what you are wearing is problematic with regard to the Islamic social norms? What do you think, dear lady? Is it or is it not problematic? Do you agree that it is problematic? Your scarf is too thin, your hair is showing, and your manteau is short and tight. Please be more careful. When you go out, make sure you follow the social norms of this country.

Dress code enforcer: Please wait here for a few moments. Your hair is showing from the back. Your manteau is... Your trousers are too short. Please come with us into the bus. We have some things to discuss with you...

In the West, people make jokes about the fashion police. How easily we forget that for many people in the world, it's no joke, but a harsh reality.

Is "harsh" too strong a word? Considering that violators can be imprisoned and punished with "lashes" - quite painful and severe, even lethal sometimes, I would say "harsh" fits perfectly.

Consider the screaming woman at the end of the video. She's certainly afraid of something.

You can view the clip here.

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