Saturday, February 16, 2008

Artificial Intelligence bots simulate candidates

Ask the Candidates 2008
Welcome to "Ask the Candidates 2008" where you can ask any question of the 2008 US Presidential candidates and get an instant response. How does this work? We have loaded transcripts of all the presidential debates thus far into artificial intelligence (AI) software based on Zabaware's award winning Ultra Hal engine. When you ask a question, the AI bot version of each candidate will attempt to answer using a real quote from their human counterpart. In addition you have the power to rate each candidate based on the quality of the response and see how the candidates rank up against each other in this system.

An interesting idea, since it draws on actual transcripts from the debates. Ron Paul seems to have the highest rating given by users. Does that mean Ron Paul supporters are more likely to converse with the Artificial Intelligence candidates than anyone else? Just wondering.

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