Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pending legislation by Clinton and Obama

If conservatives reject McCain in November, and we get Clinton and/or Obama instead, just what might we excpect? A look at current pending legislation sponsored by Clinton and Obama provides some clues, and it's not pretty:

Equal Rights Nonsense
Now that the excitement of Super Tuesday has passed, we should remember the kinds of policies and principles at stake. Exhibit A: three pieces of legislation pending in Congress that would dramatically increase the liability of private companies for alleged acts of employment discrimination.

The first would resurrect the discredited idea of "comparable worth." The second would add various sexual orientations to the classifications protected from employment discrimination. The third is a plaintiffs' bar wish list, aimed mostly at overturning cases it lost in the Supreme Court.

There are actually two versions of comparable worth legislation, the Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act. The former is co-sponsored by Sen. Barack Obama; the principal sponsor of the latter is Sen. Hillary Clinton (Mr. Obama is a co-sponsor). Both would push companies to set wages based not on supply and demand -- that is the free market -- but on some notion of social utility. The goal is to ensure that jobs performed mostly by men (say, truck drivers) are not paid more than those performed mostly by women (paralegals, perhaps).

President Ronald Reagan correctly called comparable worth "a cockamamie idea." A great lesson of economic theory, not to mention historical experience, is that government-set wages and prices not only curtail freedom, but lead to shortages, surpluses and market disruptions. [...]

Read the whole thing for all the horrific details. These are the same old and tired commie ideas that the Dems have pushed for in the past. Great for crippling employers, driving up costs, sending more jobs out of the country and damaging our economy, all in the name of social engineering and feel-goodism. Reality be damned.

They will bring "change" alright... the same way Jimmy Carter did, but probably even worse. If conservatives don't support McCain in November and we end up with all this crap forced on us, I will blame the anti-McCain conservatives as much as the Democrats; allowing it to happen is just as bad as legislating it.

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