Friday, February 01, 2008

The world should be given the right to vote in American Elections to make "correct" choices

At least, that's what many of the European elites are saying. And of course when they say "the World", they really mean just themselves. From Soeren Kern at the Brussels Journal:

Obamania: What Europeans Are Saying About American Democracy
The outcome of the US presidential election will affect the lives of millions of people around the world. So it’s probably not surprising that many Europeans are resentful that only Americans will have a say in it. European media are saturated with election coverage that is heavily biased in favor of the Democrats. And, as in past elections, European elites are also demanding the right to help choose the next occupant of the White House. What follows is a brief survey of what some Europeans are saying about the American way of democracy.

An editorial in the Brussels-based, center-right De Standaard articulates a view shared by many Europeans: “American presidential elections are not ‘home affairs’. American decisions have repercussions all over the globe…. Hence, the world should be given the right to vote.”

This view is echoed by Simon Heffer in the London-based, conservative-leaning Daily Telegraph. A column titled ‘If Only We Could Vote for the Next US President’ argues that “Many Britons will feel it would be rather nice to have a vote, too. Well, maybe not a whole vote: I would settle for one worth 50 per cent of those cast by American citizens. After all, since we are a strategic colony of the US, it would be nice to have even a marginal say in how the empire chooses to dispose our goodwill and our blood and treasure.”

What European elites really seem to want is the right to “help” Americans choose the “correct” candidate. And if newspaper headlines are any indication, that person is, overwhelmingly, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Indeed, across the continent, European elites are infatuated with Obama, who is now a cult figure. [...]

It goes on to give many examples of what Europe's Newspaper editorials are saying. It's not surprising the Europe's elites want to steal our elections, since they have already stolen the rights of voters in the European Union's member states. The European Constitution that was rejected by Europe's voters is now being called a "treaty" instead of a constitution, and is being implimented without a vote. From Paul Belien at the Brussels Journal:

Rise of the Tranzi-ists
By the end of this year, when Americans know who their 44th President is, Europeans will know who the first President of Europe will be.


Today’s EU’s governmental bodies – the European Commission and the European Council – are unelected; they are appointed by the national governments. As the British author John Laughland explains: “The EU is a cartel of governments, engaged in a permanent conspiracy against their own electorates and parliaments.” The EU gives the 27 government leaders wide-ranging law-making powers. In other words: it allows the executive powers to usurp the legislative powers.

Today, up to three quarters of all legislation in the 27 EU countries already emanates from the commission and the council in Brussels. The national parliaments are obliged to rubber-stamp these decisions. The reform treaty – or the constitution that dares not speak its name – will formally subordinate Europe’s 27 national parliaments to the union, while the latter will also receive self-empowerment powers.

The new EU will act as a state in its relations with its citizens and other states. It will have a common diplomatic corps, a common foreign minister, a common president. Unlike the American president, however, the European peoples have no say in deciding who their president is going to be. The first president of Europe, who will assume powers next year, will be appointed next fall by the 27 leaders of the member states’ governments. It looks as if the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has the best chances of becoming Europe’s president. [...]

It goes on to describe how Tony Blair, just days before resigning as Briton's Prime Minister, signed away a number of the rights that Margaret Thatcher had secured for Britain in the 1980s.

Read the whole thing for all the horrific details. I don't know which is more sickening; what they are doing, or the fact that so many people in the USA think Europe is the best example of what WE should be doing too.

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