Saturday, February 09, 2008

Endorsments of McCain shift some opinions

When John McCain became the front runner for Republicans on Super Tuesday, radio commentator and author Tammy Bruce claimed that he was just "Hillery in drag", and has been vehemently against his nomination. But cracks are showing in her rigid stance on that position:

My Hero John Bolton Endorses McCain
[...] I respect Bolton, in fact, more than anyone else on the public/political scene. I do not question his judgment. At all. I also, as I think all of us do, think very highly of Ted Olson. I was thrilled when he threw his support to Giuliani, then was extremely disappointed when he endorsed McCain. I decided it exposed a side of Olson that was not to be trusted. Now, with the Bolton endorsement I feel compelled to rethink my assessment of Olson.

I am not the only one who needs to ratchet up my self-reflection on the McCain issue. You Fredheads have no doubt been dealing with your guy's endorsement of McCain as well. Perhaps most of you would prefer to not be exposed to my wrestling with our issue, but I think it's only fair to let you know where I'm at in this process. I know I'm not the only one struggling.

Perhaps my process will help some of you who are as frustrated as I am by the whole situation. We also must remember this is only February. We also must see what McCain does with his Veep choice.

As I reflect on what to do, I do realize that someone like Ted Olson is more likely to be nominated by McCain for the Supreme Court, than by Hillary. But we also saw what a hostile congress can do to any nomination, the Bolton UN nom being the prime example. It's choices like that which do make a difference.

I also trust John Bolton. This is a guy who we can trust to make statements and recommendations based on what he truly thinks is best for our country, especially in dealing with the international tyrants the Bush admin has allowed to prosper. Bolton is not a man who endorses someone out of 'compromise.' He doesn't have to.

I know the comments here and ensuing discussions help me get a sense of what independent conservatives think on this issue. Please chime in here and let me, and everyone else, know what you think of all these developments. And remember--you don't have to decide today, or even next week, or next month for that matter. This is indeed only February. What ultimately matters is what you do in November. [...]

This is a big deal for her, as she has spoken out vociferously against McCain in the past. I'm glad she's at least willing to reconsider the whole situation. She correctly points out that November is a long way off, and we have time to consider and talk about it (as folks are in her comments thread) If you follow the link to her post, she has a video clip of John Bolton giving his endorsement, and talks about an email she got from Debra Burlingame. Lots of food for thought.

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