Saturday, May 10, 2008

Conservatism and France: What's next?

Not a new political party, but a new political "movement". Tiberge at the Brussels Journal gives us the details:

France: A New Movement Forms
After conservative victories in Italy and England, are the French finally finding their way to a new and healthy alternative to both Jean-Marie Le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy?

The websites are talking about a new movement that has been formed the Nouvelle Droite Populaire (NDP), composed of defectors from Le Pen's Front National, members of Bruno M├ęgret's MNR (National Republican Movement), and other nationalist, sovereignist and regionalist groups, parties and individuals. This is not a political party but an assembly of like-minded individuals who espouse a policy of both decentralization, i.e., regionalism, and nationalism. After an initial meeting on March 29 to lay the groundwork, a second meeting on April 27 adopted the official name which translates as New Popular Right. Their website outlines the group's goals: [...]

Read the whole thing. There does indeed seem to be a backlash of sorts brewing in Europe, as some of the Europeans find their backbone. Good!

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