Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mexico's National Anthem Lyrics

Some people like to complain that America's "Star Spangled Banner" Anthem is too militaristic. But I say it's pretty tame, compared to Mexico's National Anthem lyrics. Maynard at Tammy Bruce's blog has published them there. I had no idea. Can you say "bloody"?:

The Mexican National Anthem
Stanza V:
War, war without quarter to any who dare
to tarnish the country's coat of arms!
War, war! Let the national banners be soaked in waves of blood.
War, war! In the mountain, in the valley,
let the cannons thunder in horrid unison
and may the sonorous echoes resound
with cries of Union! Liberty!

Stanza VI:
Oh Fatherland, ere your children, defenseless
bend their neck beneath the yoke,
may your fields be watered with blood,
may they leave their footprints in blood.
And may your temples, palaces and towers
collapse with horrid clamor,
and their ruins continue on, saying:
Of a thousand heroes, this fatherland was. [...]

And there's plenty of war references in the rest. Read the whole thing, for your "multicultural edification", as Maynard would say. Yikes. He makes a fun remark about sanctuary cities in this context.

And if there is not enough blood for you there, you can always check out Tammy's post about Michelle Obama's latest remark:

"I Want To Rip Bill Clinton's Eyes Out"

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