Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Ubuntu 8.04 has WUBI installer

The most recent version of Linux Ubuntu, Hardy Heron 8.04, features a WUBI installer (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer) that allows you to install Ubuntu from windows onto your windows partition, allowing you to boot both operating systems without repartitioning your hard drive.

Linux Journal Gadget Guy, Shawn Powers, demonstrates installing Ubuntu on a machine running Windows with the Wubi installer in this 4 minute video:

Wubi makes it much easier for Windows users who want to try Linux without having to repartition their hard drive.

I've been using Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 lately, and it's the most solid Ubuntu I've tried to date. I didn't use the WUBI installer, I installed it to it's own partition, but WUBI is a good option Windows users to start with.

I think some Windows users might prefer a more polished Ubuntu derivative, like Linux Mint, which has all the multimedia codecs already installed for you, providing a more immediate windows-like experience. But since Ubuntu 8.04 was only just released, it will be a bit of time before Linux Mint and others come out with their versions, but we should be seeing them appearing soon, hopefully with the WUBI installer included.

You can read more about WUBI here:

WUBI FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, with screenshots)


MAX Redline said...

Ubuntu's okay, though I use a completely different flavor for my notebook. My main system uses SuSe as a Windoze alternative.

BTW, recognizable osprey shot.

Chas said...

When you say "flavor", do you mean one of the Ubuntu derivatives? Many of them really are nicer than plain Ubuntu. I'm going to try Linux Mint when they come out with their version of this Ubuntu.

I tried SuSe years ago and found it too buggy, but lately I've heard a lot of people singing it's praises, maybe I should try it again.

The Osprey closeup was taken from below the tree, so the profile of the bird was not as clear as it was from a distance with binoculars. I'm glad it was still recognizable.