Friday, May 02, 2008

Why does China need a nuclear submarine fleet?

A fleet with nuclear weapons? From Michael Huntsman at the Brussels Journal:

Why Does China Need a Blue Water Navy?
[...] Today the Daily Telegraph reports yet another sign of its development of a blue water navy with a global strategic reach capable of threatening American and British cities: a huge underground naval base on the well-placed island of Hainan that, with good reason, is believed to be the home of its latest class of nuclear submarines equipped with nuclear weapons. Particularly noteworthy is the ability of departing and incoming submarines to leave and enter the base underwater, thus significantly enhancing their ability to remain hidden from prying eyes.

The day must surely come when this potential threat becomes a real one and yet we continue to adopt a mealy-mouthed appeasement towards China. Concerning the military threat that China will represent no more than ten years hence, we do absolutely nothing. With oil already at US $ 115 (65% more expensive than a year ago), China's thirst for oil is likely to keep that price spiralling ever upward. How long can our economy continue to function properly in those circumstances and when will the struggle for access to oil lead to a nascent confrontation between the West and China? And will we be ready for it? [...]

Beefing up our defenses and locating them strategically would be a good deterrent, but getting the funds to do so, from politicians who see no threat, and who wish to use the money on welfare programs instead... that's a battle in itself.

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