Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A death toll greater than 9-11...

The plot was foiled. But if it hadn't been, it could have been worse than 9-11. See the details as to how and why:

Liquid terror plot jury shown controlled explosion of Oasis bottle bomb destined for Transatlantic airliners
Footage of the devastating impact of home-made liquid bombs eight British Muslims allegedly plotted to set off on transatlantic airliners was shown at their trial today.

Protective 12mm thick laminated glass shattered and polyethylene panels surrounding the test were left strewn on the floor following the filmed controlled explosion.

Explosives expert Keith Ritchie told Woolwich Crown Court a series of explosives tests were carried out in January this year at the Ministry of Defence's Kent base Fort Halstead.

The replica bombs were made using the same materials as those found dumped in woodland and at the flat in Forest Road, Walthamstow, east London used by the alleged terrorist cell.

The prosecution claims the gang planned to disguise their deadly devices in soft drinks bottles such as Oasis before smuggling them on board passenger jets in August 2006. [...]

Read the whole thing for more details about the probable consequences of the plot had succeeded. And for photos of the Islamic goons who were going to carry out the attack. May they rot.

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