Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Unemployment worse during Bill Clinton's term

How bad is current unemployment? It has been worse at other times:

Unemployment Nearly as Bad as During Clinton
When the media aren’t talking about the bailout, they’re talking jobs. They should be. Job losses and unemployment are up. A year into what we just heard is an official recession, unemployment hit 6.7 percent. That’s the highest for the Bush presidency. At this rate, it will soon get as bad as it was in 1993 – when Bill Clinton was president.

Reporters are leaving out that reality of the “staggering” job losses, as CBS called them. Journalists rarely point out that total unemployment isn’t even as high as it was during Clinton’s term (and when they do, the Clinton name is conspicuously absent.) [...]

Read the whole thing for details. Perception trumps reality. MSM bias at work.

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