Tuesday, May 02, 2006

March of the Useful Idiots

Here are some photos you most likely did not see in the MSM:

Michelle Malkin today has some excellent pictures of yesterdays protests, that are very indicative of the true nature of the people backing these protests, and what they are really about. Appalling, absolutely appalling. You can see more HERE and HERE.

I'm not sure which is worse; the leftist socialist and communist groups that organize these events; the useful idiots who participate in them; or the MSM, who somehow manage not to tell us that these groups are socialists and communists, even when they carry signs and placards clearly indicating they are. The MSM cameras somehow manage to miss showing those.

The photo above is a prime example of not only why I left the Democratic party, but why I have totally lost respect for most of them. The sentiment on this sign is one I heard repeatedly from customers while I waited tables in San Francisco. The same sort of people who would come back from vacations in Cuba, and remark how peaceful it was there, because nobody disagreed about politics: "Why can't we have that HERE? If only we could round up the Republicans and send them to re-education camps, like they do in Cuba." These folks would also often say: "It's VERY important that we ALL agree."

Too many Democrats seem to believe that nobody should be ALLOWED to disagree with them. I hear Republicans say a lot of critical things about Democrats, but I don't hear them saying they don't have the right to exist or disagree. Whatever happened to the concept of a "Loyal Opposition"?

The Republicans understand that we NEED political opposition in order to have a healthy democracy. I think the Democrats used to understand that, until they were over-run by totalitarian socialists and communists. Now it seems they believe political opposition is something wrong, to be attacked and destroyed. They prefer the "democracy" of Cuba, where there is only one political party; no competition, no political arguing. Just "peace", because everyone agrees... or else.

The views expressed at these protests did not just appear out of thin air. They are taught in our public schools as fact, without opposing viewpoints.

San Francisco was full of refugees from other countries, where they suffered real political oppression. When the parents became citizens, they would usually register Republican. But their children were another story; by the time they had finished going through the public school system, they were convinced that America is an evil, racist, greedy country that wants to enslave anyone who isn't white; they think like victims as their teachers taught them they are, and they register and vote Democrat.

The above sign is another example of distorted thinking. If the above description of Bush were true, the people who made and displayed this sign wouldn't be free to protest the way they are doing. And the reference to decapitation is one that I am seeing repeated more and more. An admiration for Muslim intolerance, something we need to adopt in our own culture? Isn't the person who made this sign projecting their own facist yearnings on to others?

Be sure and thank our teachers unions. They actively promote this crap.

On a more positive note, Tammy Bruce had Josue Sierra on her radio show as a guest, and posted about it HERE.

His blog, Latino Issues, is a breath of fresh air. On the front page, the blog is described as:

Latino Issues is a conservative blog covering news items that relate to immigration, ethnicity, integration, language, culture, and moral values and how they relate to immigrants and citizens alike.

At last, some sanity.

Tammy comments:

...Josue is an important blogger who reminds us that the ethic and commitment to America by legal Latino Americans is vitally important to this nation. He also takes exception to the argument that legal Latino immigrants support today's marching cheaters.

Overall, his is a blog for you to stay connected with this issue and many others, and from one of the more important perspectives--an American Latino perspective based in respect, dignity, capitalism, and the Rule of Law.

And a much needed perspective it is. Thank you, Tammy!

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juanitagf said...

"Freedom Socialist Party" Isn't that an oxymoron?

Chas said...

An oxymoron? No, not at all. You see, socialism "frees" you from having to make your own decisions. ;-)