Friday, February 22, 2008

Kosovo; opening the door for Aztlan?

By recognizing Kosovo as a new nation, are we setting a precedent that could come back to haunt us?

Why Belgium Loves Kosovo. And the Consequences for Southern California
[...] America, however, should fear other consequences, too. The Kosovo Albanians claimed Kosovo for two reasons: (a) because long, very long ago, before the province was Serbian, it used to be theirs and (b) because today they have become a majority in the province. America granted them their wish and forced Serbia out.

What if tomorrow Hispanics in California (or Texas) push for the independence of Southern California (or Southern Texas), arguing (a) that a long time ago, before these provinces became Anglo-American, they were Mexican and (b) that Hispanics have now become a majority there? Applying the Kosovo logic of Bill Clinton and George Bush, Washington should then be forced out of Southern California by an international army of European, Russian and Chinese troops who would establish an independent “nation” there. All this would be done in violation of the international rule that international borders can only be changed with the agreement of all parties. This is how Washington is treating Serbia today. If one day Washington were to be treated in a similar fashion it would only be getting its due.

Has a can of worms has been opened? It's not hard to see how these same arguments could be used for advocating the partitioning of our own country.


Carlos Slim said...

You are a little paranoid. The most of Mexicans are more interested in travel to US looking for the "American Green... I mean Dream", and the most of those poor Mexicans are not as interested in territorial politics as you think. The rest of us (Mexicans), just want to travel to las Vegas, Disneyworld or any touristic place that we can pay.
It's true, we consider that you stoled a big territory (60% Desert), but that was a long time ago and its better to try to male our own destiny with our own posibilities.

Chas said...

I don't see anything paranoid about it. Bush was establishing a precedent, and I was making an observation about it. I don't lie awake at night, worrying about Aztlan.

I agree that most Mexicans (at least the ones I've known) are more interested in just improving their lives, than they are in territorial politics.

We may one day end up with the North American Union, which would make Aztlan a moot point anyway.