Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Business and Democrats unite for a very profitable Socialist Power-Grab

Pat has already beat me to the things I wanted to post about, so I refer you to his links:

Why Big Pharma and Big Insurance want Obama-style health-care reform:
"No one hates capitalism more than capitalists"

How the Democrats have been steering us towards this for decades:
The Plantation Party has been planning socialized healthcare for over 60 years

More "staged" Town Hall events, with pre-arranged questioners planted in the audience:
Obamugabe's Potemkin townhall

I would love to see the revolt of 1816 repeat itself:
Townhall protesters are not "unAmerican"

The protesters are scoring points, because many people agree with their concerns:
Krauthammer is wrong about the townhall protesters

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