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Dissidents are being raped in Iran's Prisons

As punishment, for both men and women, to shame and silence them. From Azarmehr's blog:

Fath-ol-mobin, Codename for Rape Operations in Iran's Prisons
Following the courageous letter by Mehdi Karroubi, exposing the horrors of systematic rape of post-election detainees in Iran, there have been several calls by the 'representatives of God on earth' to put Karrubi on trial.

Babak Daad, is an Iranian journalist and blogger who is now on the run and in hiding. Here is what he says in his shocking interview about what is going on in Iran's prisons and how the lackeys of the coup d'etat are ordered to break down the youth of Iran.

'Its one thing hearing about a news and another thing when you see it first hand for yourself and realise the full horror of what has taken place. You can hear about an accident on the news but unless you witness the accident close by you do not appreciate the reality of blood. The case of rapes in Iran's prisons for those who read or hear about is a news item, but I saw an 18 year old boy, whose father described him as a piece of flesh with no soul, his name is Mehdi and I hope soon the perpetrators who inflicted this crime on this young boy will be tried in an international court and of course those who ordered these crimes to be carried out should be tried too, those who gave the orders to uproot the spirit and the hopes of Iran's justice seeking young generation.


These reports are not few now and yet there are still more that are not coming out because of fear and the cultural stigma that these people face, yet the young people who have suffered these abuses, these victims should hold their heads up high and proudly consider themselves as the victims of the path of freedom for this country and those who have suffered this tragedy bear the same honour as the martyrs of this epic green movement.

What they were doing at Kahrizak, was they would choose the spirited detainees who were resisting them and by raping them they wanted to break them from pursuing justice and freedom, they wanted to break them so bad that these youngsters would become depressed and even hate themselves.

The code name for these rapes was Fath-ol-Mobin [Illuminating Conquest - also code name for an offensive against Iraq in 1982], look how far they are prepared go with staining the faith and the sanctities of our people and how they use religion as a tool for the repression of people in order to maintain their illegitimate hold on power... A young 18 year old boy purely because he took part in the peaceful silent march on 15th June and wore a green wrist band is attacked, arrested and suffers two weeks of ongoing sexual rape in Kahrizak and is then taken to another prison where he is allowed to slightly recover before he is handed back to his father, I am sorry I have to mention these things but its no longer appropriate to remain silent, he suffers severe rectal and colon laceration, his infection was so bad that they couldn't keep him any longer, this 18 year old was also forced to witness other detainees being raped, he could hear a law enforcement officer, [whom we can identify and hopefully one day bring him to trial] shout 'take these lot and make them pregnant, so they know whats what'

Tens of detainees have reported many Arab prison guards with Lebanese accents were amongst the rapists. And I am sorry to have to say this but I want the families to hear this so their resolve and not their fear increases, Mehdi in the first instance could not believe a stocky foul mouthed guard is getting ready to rape him, when they beat him and forced him naked, he pleaded with them 'for the sake of Imam Mehdi, I am the same name sake as our hidden Imam, please don't do this with me', the interrogator even insults Imam Mehdi as he holds down the trembling 18 year old Mehdi and tells the stocky guard, 'He had come to take back his vote, now give him his vote back so that he never forgets'

In two weeks, this teenager is raped 20 times [...]

Of course the Iranian government is denying it. But these reports are so numerous they can't be ignored. The Iranian government is baring independent investigation and journalists, even banning their own media from investigating, so you can only wonder what they are hiding.

[...] So there you have it, Ahmadinejad's lackeys rape Iran's detainees, boys and girls, to break their spirit. The evidence is now piling up from all directions. How will the European democracies ever justify recognising a regime that systematically rapes boys and girls arrested during peaceful demonstrations? Why are the European useful idiots not marching in the streets in the same way they did for Gunatanamo and Abu Ghoreib? [...]

Azarmehr has some harsh words to describe the Leftist British aristocrats who are defending the Iranian Regime.

These horrific stories sound remarkably similar to accounts I read years ago, about gays who had escaped from Iran to Turkey, who also told about being raped and tortured while being held in custody.

These accounts also fit in with a post I had done previously, about Islamic sexual rage.

There is increasing video testimony about the rape and torture in Iran:

I expect the evidence will continue to mount. But it isn't just rapes and torture that are occurring; there are many claims that people are being killed. Follow this link for Kahrizak prison for just one example.

The demographics of Iran indicate that more than two-thirds of the population is under the age of 30, one quarter being 15 years of age or younger. They live in a struggling economy, with few job prospects, now or in the foreseeable future. There is a large illegal drug problem, and growing dissatisfaction with the ruling Theocracy, especially among the younger generation.

Iran's Theocratic Government is attempting to solve this problem by killing many of the nations youth, and terrorizing the rest.

This of course, will have consequences. Many totalitarian regimes start mass killings of their own people. It's a desperate measure, sometimes preceding a collapse of the regime from within. I'm hoping and praying this is one of those times.

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