Sunday, August 30, 2009

The car of the future, revisited: newer and better

In a past post I did in 2007, there was great interest in the car below:

It claimed to get 92 mpg, and was going to go into production in 2008. Where is it now?

Well it seems there was a fire in the garage where it was made, destroying the car and the tools used to build it. They had to start all over again.

The good news is, they did, and their newer car is even more impressive:

The Car
[...] The eVaro is FVT’s newest prototype and the next generation in series hybrid development. It is a high performance sports car with outstanding spec’s:

* Between 122 mpge and 325 mpge
(miles per gallon equivalent)
* 100-125 mile range on electricity alone
* unlimited extended range with onboard FVT gas generator
* 3 hour re-charge time plug in at home, 1 hour with FVT on board generator [...]

FVT Future Vehicles Technology
Future Vehicle Technologies (formerly FuelVapor Technologies ) has just completed one of the world’s first fully functioning plug-in electric series hybrid vehicles. The "eVaro" is designed to out-perform gas powered vehicles, produce no emissions for 90% of its time on the road, and radically change the automotive industry as we know it.

As verified by the University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, The eVaro achieved an average of 275 mpge for city driving (20-60kph)
and an average of 165 mpge for highway driving (70-120kph).

* 100-125-mile range on electric power
* 135mph top speed
* 0-60 in 5 seconds
* Unlimited range with FVT Custom on-board high voltage generator

FVT is a small Canadian company in BC. What they are doing is to me really impressive, visit their website and have fun exploring. Be sure and check out their FAQ page. They have lots of pics and videos too.

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