Saturday, August 15, 2009

Will Windows 7 be any good? Yes, BUT...

Review: New Windows OS Better Than Vista
After the somewhat disastrous launch of Windows Vista -- largely ignored by businesses as they stuck with the XP version of the operating system -- Microsoft Relevant Products/Services is preparing another debut.

Windows 7 is scheduled to be released Oct. 22, and some computer analysts who have been working with a beta version say that this time, Microsoft got it right.

"It's everything that Vista should have been,"
said Trevor Dierdorff, owner of Amnet, a Colorado Springs-based computer network company. "It's easy to use, has some nice upgrades. It will be good for businesses."


"I think there will be more fear than usual due to the fiasco around the prior Windows release," said Rick Treese, information technology specialist at "I have never upgraded my offices in the first year, though."

And even Dierdorff, an admitted fan of the new system, said it will only run smoothly on new computers.

"If you have a computer that is more than a year old, stick with what you're running,"
he said. "Upgrade to Windows 7 when you upgrade your network." [...]

The article says that some people are saying that small and medium sized businesses shouldn't even bother to upgrade, as there is little benefit for them. Many businesses are looking into alternate OS's like Linux, that can still run on the older hardware that companies already have.

I've been reading some geek forums where some of the posters are people who are very technical and computer savvy, and have been using the Windows 7 beta that's available for testing. Most of them aren't great Microsoft fans, but the consensus seems to be that it's pretty good, a big improvement over Vista, and that it's going to do much better than Vista did.

Supposedly it easily runs programs that run on Windows XP, solving a major problem that Vista had. We'll see how it does when it comes out. I expect a lot of people are going to "wait-and-see" what happens to other people first. Not everyone wants to be a guinea pig.

Linux and BSD are also making impressive strides too, which is great. The more choices we have, the better I like it.


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