Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Windows 7 will be great for new computers

It's likely to be very successful on new machines. But for everyone else, upgrading their existing systems to Windows 7 will most likely not be worth the hassle:

Upgrading to Windows 7 -- Why Bother?
Analysis: Here are seven reasons to skip upgrading to Windows 7.
My colleague Preston Gralla came up with seven reasons to move to Windows 7. And, they are pretty good, but good enough to switch away from XP, or to skip Mac OS X Snow Leopard or desktop Linux? I don't think so.

Let me open up by saying though that if you're using Vista-you poor, poor person-yes, you should migrate to Windows 7. After all, Windows 7 is really just Vista without the warts. Otherwise, no, I don't see any compelling reason to switch.

I say this as someone who's also been running Windows 7 since the late betas and I'm currently running the RTM (release to manufacturing) version. I like Windows 7, but if you were to ask me what the big feature, the 'wow' that would make you want to go to the trouble of moving to Windows 7, I'd be left without anything to say. Heck, look at Gralla list, number one on the list is the new taskbar. Microsoft wants me to spend big bucks for a new taskbar!?

OK, on with the list.

1) Windows 7 still has all the security of a drunken teenager in a sports car. From Windows for Workgroups and NT 3 until today, Windows is a security joke. It used to be that running Windows just put your head into the noose. Now, millions of lazy Windows users are the reason why the Internet is a mess. If you already do all the right things to keep XP running safely, you're not going to get any safer by buying Windows 7.

2) Windows 7, no matter how you buy it, is expensive. Does your budget have the extra cash to buy a new and improved taskbar!? [...]

Follow the link to read the whole thing, the other 5 reasons, and all the embedded links that I didn't copy into the text here.

It sounds like a good upgrade for Vista users, but it's not recommended for computers more than a year old. People who buy new computers with Windows 7 already installed will probably just go with it. Even with just those people, Microsoft will be able to claim success. And they will most likely get more people when XP user's decide to buy new computers.

The older hardware that's incompatible with Windows 7 may well find new life in alternatives like Linux. And the price of Linux sure is right.

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