Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Anti-Christ, VS being anti-Christ

From the Memeri blog:

That's kinda rich, comming from people who aren't exactly pro-christian. Oh yes, they do believe in Christ... as a "corpse on a stick".

The DNC could use these videos, as it also expresses their point of view quite well. The Democrats and Hamas often use the same talking points.


Walker said...

Good point. Didn't I just say that? I like your observations, anyway.

Chas said...

The videos are horrible to watch. Many of them have a sound track in English, with this creepy Arabic accented voice narrating, talking like a Halloween cartoon character.

The irony is, that W. has insisted we give funds to Hamas. Supposedly just humanitarian aid, but that aid then just frees up Hamas finances for projects like this, or worse. It's sickening to think that US tax dollars are used to help make this crap possible.