Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Fred is The Man for the GOP

I believe Fred Thompson is the ideal choice for the GOP's presidential candidate. Patrick has had some many really good posts on his blog about Fred. Here are links to a few of the latest ones:

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Fred Thompson, Reagan Conservative

Law professor Garnett supports Thompson

Rush Limbaugh Should Endorse Fred Thompson Now

The more I hear about Fred, the more I like him. I heard yet another talking head on Fox News today, complaining that Fred is not a viable candidate because he's not "exciting". Please. Have we become a nation of morons, wanting our political candidates to "entertain" us? If that is what our nation has become, then I doubt that it can survive. Nor should it.

Yet I don't think the American people are that dumb, no matter how much the MSM panders to the lowest common denominator. In fact, the MSM seems to be just getting in the way in the whole vetting process. I hope they become increasingly irrelevant. They already have for me. I'm sick of THEIR agenda.

I have joined the Blogs for Fred Thompson blogroll, and urge you to do the same if you are so inclined.



AmPowerBlog said...

Maybe he'll hang around for awhile after third in Iowa, but I'm pulling for McCain next Tuesday!

Bob's Blog said...

I am for fred, and I agree with your comments about the Huckster.

Chas said...

I like a lot of things about McCain, but he has a lot of conservatives hardened against him. I don't think his chances are good.

I'm kinda shocked about the Huckster in Iowa, but I doubt he will do that well elsewhere.

I guess we'll see how it goes.