Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huckabee and Clemency: The Song

I said I was going to do more posts about music this year! Check this song out:

It's ironic that while the song is funny, it so clearly points out why this man is dangerous. How somebody with such demonstrably bad judgment can even think they deserve to be president of the United States is astounding.

I admit he can be a very charismatic speaker. That's all the more reason to check the facts. About his supporters, I can only guess that they are "emotional thinkers", and aren't actually paying attention to the facts. Perhaps the Huckster thinks we're all not paying attention? Guess again, dude. Some of us can and do READ.

Here's more details on Huckabee and his Clemency decisions:

Huck not for law and order

Huckabee - not the law & Order candidate

Huckabee: "Dear Wayne. . . My desire is that you be released from prison"

It's bad enough that he let murders go free and kill again. But he doesn't even have the moral backbone to deal with crime in his own family. Look how he used his position as governor to cover-up for his son, who was being investigated for hanging a dog and disemboweling it while it was still alive:

Huckabee: Kids Who Kill

What does this tell you about his sympathy for killers? Bad judgment is an understatement. Shame on anyone who votes for this crook.

Hat tip to TammyBruce.com for the video.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chas - wanted to alert you to the endorsement for Fred Thompson by conservative, pro-troop leader, Melanie Morgan today:


Melanie Morgan, chairman of the nation's largest pro-troop organization, MoveAmericaForward.org, radio talk show host on KSFO 560 AM - San Francisco, author of "American Mourning" and conservative columnist has endorsed Sen. Fred Thompson for President.

Writing in her new column, "The Complete Conservative" Morgan urged South Carolina Republicans to vote for Thompson:

"For the sake of this nation, I'm hoping that on Saturday the people of the Palmetto State punch the ballot for Thompson (no hanging chads, please)."

The column can be read online here: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59744

Chas said...

Thanks for the info. But the link isn't valid, it looks like the website changed the URL.