Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An invitation...

A post by Tagg Romney, at the "Five Brothers blog", part of Mittromney.com:

Welcome FredHeads
As I've been traveling around Florida this week I've met a lot of people who have approached me to say they had been with Fred Thompson prior to his leaving the race, but that they're now firmly with us. They like my Dad's position on the issues, his appeal to the Reagan coalition of conservatives, they like his business and executive experience, and they like his demeanor. I've had many say to me how much they appreciate that he is gracious but tough even to his enemies, he's not afraid to fight but they know he will fight fair (no push polls, no negative 527 groups, no personal animosity).

Over the last few days it's been an honor to pick up so many of Fred's former supporterson the team (Sen. Cochran, Morton Blackwell, former Rep. David McIntosh, numerous Georgia legislators, and several impressive legal advisors). We welcome all you FredHeads to Team Romney. He's in this to win it and to help fix Washington, and we really appreciate your support.

Some Fred supporters have already made the leap. I would definitely rather see Mitt than McCain in the Whitehouse.

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