Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hillary lies again; what she isn't telling you.

"Tax cuts for the wealthy" is a favorite complaint of Hillary and many Democrats. The "evil rich" aren't paying their share. Well apparently, the Congressional Budget Office doesn't support that contention. In fact, the wealthy are paying more taxes now than ever before. From Nealz Nuze:

[...] This comes from the Congressional Budget Office. Hillary has access to this information, as do all members of the media. So ... let's see what the Congressional Budget Office has to say about this "tax cuts for the wealthy" stuff.

First .. here's a chart you can refer to for verification. This chart was prepared by the Congressional Budget Office. There are two lines on this graph, one for the bottom 80% of taxpayers, the other for the top 1% of taxpayers. The trend there is so obvious that even Democrat voters should be able to see what is going on. The share of federal taxes paid by the evil rich is constantly going up, while the share paid by the bottom 80% is on a steady downward trend. Bear in mind that this chart shows a percentage of ALL federal taxes, not just income taxes.

Now ... some bullet points for you to consider:
  • The richest 1% of households in the U.S. are now paying a record 27.6% of all federal taxes and a record of 38.8% of all federal income taxes.
  • The richest 1% of households only earn about 17% of all income.
  • The top 1.1 million households (the evil rich) pay a greater share of the income tax burden than the bottom 90 million households combined.
  • The chart and the report from the CBO shows that the nation's tax burden has been shifting away from typical Americans to the wealthiest households since the early 1980s.
You are never going to see this chart or read this information on the news pages of America's leading left-wing newspapers, nor will you see this information presented on network newscasts. Why not? Because the more the people of this nation understand what is really happening with our tax situation, the less the demagoguery of people like Hillary Clinton --- that "tax cuts for the wealthy" line --- will work on the voters. Informed voters are the enemies of the MoveOn Democrat Party. The media admits that Hillary appeals to less educated voters. Well, there's no sense educating these voters. If you do, they might not be Hillary supporters any more?

Something else we need to cover. These evil, filthy rich people that are so much fun to hate ... these are the people who invest. These are the people who create the jobs. These are the people who start new businesses. These are the people the very people who hate them will have to depend on for a better job or a growing economy.

Spread the word. The other side is sure getting out the "tax cuts on the wealthy" line. We need to do a better job of getting the truth out there.

It's taxes on corporations that cause people to invest their money overseas; American jobs go overseas as well. You can't have your cake and eat it too, no matter how much Democrats like Hillary lie and say that you can.

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