Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fredheads and the Mitt Romney Campaign

What a concert it was! The hall was too small, the show started late, and it ended too soon. Yet it was great while it lasted. But now that Fred has dropped out of the race, what are all of us Fredheads supposed to do now?

It seems some folks at Mitt Romney's campaign website have some suggestions for us:

It's almost like they read my mind. I have a suggestion for them to consider, too:

Fred for Veep!

For us Fredheads, the debate continues about what comes next. Visit the link to see a discussion about Romney, and other issues Fredheads are dealing with. What's a Fredhead to do? See what other Fredheads are saying.

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Lucca Brazzi said...

This is a better banner for FredHeads going for Mitt:

Chas said...

I don't know if it's quite THAT bad Lucca, though I'm sure most Fredheads would find the idea more agreeable if Romney were to pick Fred as Veep.