Thursday, January 10, 2008

Noahpad PC with Strange Keyboard

A computer with the keyboard on the BACK of the device? Where you type only using your fingers, not your thumbs? Where you see the keyboard keys (and your finger placement) THROUGH the screen?

The keyboard is actually a touchpad, but it still seems like it would be awkward to use. Fortunately it can be used like a regular laptop keyboard as well:

E-Lead Electronic Noahpad UMPC gets official
[...] The two 2.76-inch squares are actually clickable touch pads that can be used as both a full QWERTY keyboard that "mimics the feel of pressing down the keys on regular keyboards" and an oversized trackpad to control the on-screen pointer. When the 7-inch display, which uses virtual screen technology to expand the viewing area to 10 inches, is flipped 360 degrees to lay behind the touch pads, it becomes "semi-transparent" and allows users to "see" their fingers and the keyboard.

This illusion was designed to "maximize users' typing speed" because it allows typing with multiple fingers. Unlike most UMPCs, which rely on a user's thumbs for data input, the Noahpad UMPC ignores the thumbs and puts the rest of the fingers to work. [...]

It sure is... different. I'd like to see a video of someone actually using it. I suppose it must be possible, or they would not have built it. I find it hard to imagine actually using it myself. It will be interesting to see if it catches on.

It has many other functions as well, I believe it's meant to compete with the AsusTek eee notebook computer, it's in the same price range. See the link above for more photos of how the Noahpad can be used. See the link below for the Noahpad official website.

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