Friday, April 04, 2008

The Jihad Element in Turkish Culture

Turkey's ruling AKP party is Muslim and is often attacked by Turkey's secular socialist left. But Muslim Extremists are also unhappy with the AKP for cooperating with the US and Israel. Radical Turkish Islamists are increasingly preaching Jihad.

Imam Of University In Van: “Listen And Hear! Your Worst Enemy Is The Jew, the Jewish infidels; Even Allah Announced And Warned Us That The Jews Are Our Eternal Enemies”

At an Islamists meeting on March 17, 2008 in Van, organized by the ‘Solidarity with Palestine Platform’, the imam of the university in Van [YYU] Osman Gulacar spoke about the importance of making sacrifices for the Islamic umma and asked everyone in the audience to help the resistance by donating to Islam’s army, promising them rewards in heaven:

Follow the link for the text, and photos of the event. Not exactly a fun group.

Radical Islamist In Van: “There Are Many Brave Sons In Every Corner Of This Country Who Yearn To Sacrifice Their Lives To Defend Palestine Against The Rabid Jews Whom Allah Declared Our Enemy”

The Islamist activist and chief editor of many Islamist websites Nureddin Sirin is a permanent speaker in most of the increasingly frequent and jihadist Islamist events, rallies and gatherings all across Turkey. Following are excerpts of what he said on March 17, 2008 in Van:

You can follow the link for the text... Ugh. I had posted previously about religious reforms in Turkey that the government was introducing, to help bring Turkey and Islam into the 21st century. But whenever reforms are introduced into Islam, they are usually met with resistance, often violent. It would seem that the Jihadi element of Islam in Turkey is attempting to assert itself. But how large is it, and how large will it grow?

The secular socialist left maintains that the Islamists are a part of the AKP. The AKP, while being religious conservatives, maintain they are not extremists. Thus far they have not endorsed Jihad officially by their actions, although some AKP members have given speeches to the Jihadists that have encouraged them in their extremist views.

It seems the AKP is attempting a balancing act. How successful they will be at maintaining it remains to be seen.

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