Saturday, April 26, 2008

Farm Report: More Naked Chicks

That title should do wonders for my site meter tally from Google searches. The older chick is now 3 weeks old, and the younger, 2 weeks. The oldest seems to have most of it's feathers now, and likes to fly a lot. I think it sees itself as more of a bald eagle than a chicken:

The younger one does it's best to imitate the older one, and has learned to fly also, but just barely. It can fly up to the rim of the blue box they live in:

Here they are with their surrogate mom (me):

They stretch their wings and legs in the big wide world, a.k.a. the back porch:

I still see "Mutt & Jeff" whenever I look at them together.

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NotYourDaddy said...

So, Chas, I've got to ask. Are you going to eat those chickens when they grow up?


Chas said...

Not likely. I mean if there were nothing else to eat, sure. But these birds are hardly worth the effort, the supermarket birds are easier, bigger and more tender.

With these two, the small one is a Bantam. The larger one is half Bantam. The small chicken's aren't worth the effort to pluck and gut, there's hardly any meat.

When we have too many roosters, we turn them into dog food. In that case, they get beheaded, pealed, gutted, hacked to bits with a cleaver and served as raw chunks.

When we get too many Bantam hens, they usually start hiding in the woods to make secret nests, and they get eaten by the local wild life. Mostly we keep them for the eggs, and bug control and entertainment.