Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obama visits San Francisco for donations

Obama visits the Getty's home in San Francisco's wealthiest neighborhood. The city's wealthy flock there to meet him and donate money. Here is the Getty's home, before people began to arrive:

Here are two links from Zombie Time of the event in San Francisco. His reports include lots of photos:

Obama Visits Billionaires Row

Here is one of the views residents of that neighborhood enjoy:

Seven Things About Obama I Never Knew Before

As is always the case with Zombie's photos and reporting of San Francisco events, it makes me feel like I'M THERE. I lived in San Francisco for 23 years. I've been down Billionaire's Row many times, I recognize the houses. I recognize the people. Limousine Liberals. Have a look at who owns Obama.

I wish I could convey why this is important. No doubt some people will say "So what, ALL politicians accept money from rich people". And yes, that's true. But the Obama campaign has been selling him as different, someone who doesn't take money from the rich, who gets his support primarily from "the little guy". The reality is, Obama isn't any different from his other Democrat predecessors. He still till serves the same Masters.

I doubt that any of this will matter to his supporters. As Zombie points out in his report, people, including the millionaires, are more interested in the IDEA of Obama than the reality.

I'm more interested in the reality, which is the problem I have always had with these folks. I'm not envious of rich people. I'm not bothered by their wealth, but I am bothered by what THESE people do with THEIR wealth, and WHY.

Most of them inherited their money, and didn't earn it. They are often completely out of touch with everyday reality, because they live in a world of IDEAS, fantasies, about the way the world SHOULD work, according to their feelings. Don't try and confuse them with the facts, they aren't interested in how reality actually works. They don't care, because they don't have to.

They are all for redistributing wealth, because they have so much of it that they know that not enough of THEIRS will ever be taken away to adversely affect them. So they easily make decisions that redistribute the wealth of other WORKING people, without feeling any consequences to themselves.

As Zombie points out when the crowd gathers, it's the millionaires that have to wait outside on the sidewalk. It's the Billionaires, the real movers and shakers, who are already inside. But they are all part of the Ruling Class of San Francisco, and they are high up in the Democrat party.

San Francisco is famous for it's hippies, protesters, nuts and crazy people. Many of Zombies reports feature the antics of such people, but the crazies themselves are not the ones who make things happen, they are just the SIDE EFFECT. Follow the links and see the real people who make it all possible. Visit Zombie's links and get a taste of this genuine San Francisco treat.

I got these links from Pat's post on this topic:

Obama's "secret" visit to San Francisco

He gives a synopsis and his own commentary. Loved the comment about Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi being the chambermaids of these folks... yes the shoe fits. If you think Obama gets most of his money and support from the average guy on the street, think again. He also serves the same Masters.

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