Sunday, January 15, 2006

Feinstein says she will not
vote to confirm Alito.

The California senator says she is concerned about Alito's conservative record on abortion and deference to executive power. Yet she also acknowledged that he has the credentials to serve on the Supreme court, and is warning the Democrats against a filibuster.

When I first moved to San Francisco in 1981, "DiFi" was mayor. She was a pro-business Democrat, who supported abortion and gun control and all the usual Democrat causes. Yet the Leftists in the city despised her as a "Right Winger". So much so, that they attempted a re-call vote to throw her out of office. It failed, but they railed against her at every opportunity - and they still do!

I got to see her up close once. I was working as a fill-in security guard, almost 25 years ago, when I was assigned to a TV station. They wanted an un-armed guard in a police type uniform to stand outside the studio door of a show they were taping. The show was called "Say What You Think", and I didn't know till I got there what the topic was going to be. It was "Gun Control", and there was going to be a studio discussion between Mayor Feinstein and a Senator, I forget his name, but I believe he was a Republican. There was also a live audience full of SF Moonbats.

They filmed her entry into the studio, she came down the hall surronded by her entorage, while the press took pictures, the hall was narrow, and I think I was on TV for a moment as they walked by me and into the studio.

Anyhow, as the show got under way, I could watch the show on a monitor outside the studio doors. My job was to prevent anyone from entering while they were on the air.

At one point in the show, the Republican senator pulled out a gun, a very primative gun, that had been made by a convict in prison, and confiscated during a cell search.

The senator was trying to make a point; that if you ban guns for law abiding citizens, criminals will still find a way to get them, even if they have to make them themselves, and that they can even do it in prison!

I thought it was a great point, but as soon as he pulled the gun out, the moonbats in the audience went crazy. Some started screaming, others demanded that it be removed immediately because it that it was against the law to bring a gun into a television studio. The senator, he just said something like "For pete's sake, it's NOT loaded!" and proceeded to show the gun off for closeups by the camera.

I really wanted to see it, but by then some moonbats came rushing out of the studio into the hallway. They insisted that I needed to go into the studio, and ARREST the Republican senator, on the Air! Yeah, right... I had to actually explain that I was not going to "arrest" a US senator on the air, with an unloaded "gun" (if it even qualified as such, legally), but THEY could make a citizen's arrest if they wanted to. Of course, that didn't happen.

Ironically, since then, Feinstein herself has been known to brandish guns herself in public, real, HEAVY DUTY guns - with the safety unlocked? - but I haven't heard any moonbats complain about that. I guess things like that only matter when Republicans do them. Or mabye they are afraid, because they know she packs a piece of her own?

Anyhow, that was the closest I ever got to her. When the Democratic Convention happened in SF, where they picked Mondale/Ferraro, I was at a permanent assignment by then and didn't get assigned to the convention, but I knew other guards who did.

One guy told me he had been working double shifts there, and was supposed to be guarding a door to make sure nobody went through it. He was sitting on a stool leaning against a wall, and he fell asleep. Someone poked his arm and woke him up. It was DiFi! He thought, "Oh, SH*T, I'm gonna get fired". But she was smiling, and pointing to the floor. His watch had fallen off. She said something like "I know you don't want to lose that!" and walked away. He thought she was really cool; a powerful woman who didn't need to bully people.

I don't agree with a lot of DiFi's positions. I would not vote for her. I don't doubt that she is in many ways a friendly, agreeable person to be around. Many Republican's invite her to sit on bi-partisan commitees, and she is often invited on conservative TV and radio shows, because she is a makes a good guest because she doesn't mind talking about her positions and answering questions.

Still, she is too far left for me. And yet, inside of San Francisco politics, she is HATED. Nearly all the leftists I knew in SF called her a "sell-out", not to be trusted. And I don't think it's limited to San Francisco, because a lot of leftist media outside of SF and on the internet talk about her in the same way. "She serves on committees with Republicans - she can't be trusted!"

So why am I talking about this? Because I think it's an indicator of something. When sombody like DiFi is called a Right Winger by the Left in this country, it says a lot about how far Left the Left has gone. It strikes me as yet another indicator of how unhinged the Democrats are becoming, when people like DiFi are considered so "conservative", they cannot be trusted.

What IS happening to the Democrats?

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Joubert said...

I know it's not related but I wish you'd have mentioned the building that you were a guard in that wouldn't allow black guards eventhough the building was owned by the biggest donor to the SF Democrats and that Feinstein lived in a gated commnnity that did not allow blacks.