Friday, January 13, 2006

Teachers Having Sex
With Under Age Students

Is there an epidemic of this occuring? I don't recall things like that happening when I was a kid, they might have happened but it wasn't common, at least not that I knew about.

In this article, there is a list of accused teachers, with links to their cases, it's a rather long list, and it looks like most of them were found guilty. Why is this becoming so prevelent?

You can see for yourself HERE.


TexasFred said...

I never had a teacher that looked any kind of *good*, no thoughts were inspired, no advances were made and the teachers did their jobs, they taught...

I have got to wonder though, if it hasn't gone on all along, just like the priests that molest the altar boys and such... Just kept *buried* because of the ramifications...

Chas said...

Those law programs are supposed to take their stories from the headlines, not make them for the headlines. But you have to wonder, if some kids don't see it on TV and get ideas about making accusations. It's difficult to know how many of these cases are genuine.

I didn't get to look at each and every entry in the list, but I did scan through it.

I saw at least one woman was aqquited. So you have to wonder, is some of these women are wrongly accused. A scary thought, just the accusation could destroy their careers.

I'm wondering if it's even possible that some of these women are pleading guilty to lesser charges even if they didn't do anything, because the school won't back them up. The schools insurance company could apply pressure to settle out of court, to save money.

Another woman also slashed her wrists in her classroom in front of her students, with a piece of a broken mirror. Clearly, some of these women are mentally disturbed.

But then as Fred says, you have to wonder if this has always happened, and it just used to get hushed up, as unspeakable and unmentionable.

I was shocked mostly by the size of the list!