Sunday, January 15, 2006

How to Answer the "GWB Lied Us Into Iraq" Bleat


Courtesy of Tammy Blog reader/commenter Talkin Horse, I played this on Tammy Radio yesterday and have received lots of requests for it, so here it is--a video which has comments from assorted Dems starting in 1998 endorsing present-day Bush policy on Iraq and their belief (from Albright to both Clintons to Nancy Pelosi) that Saddam had WMD and had to be stopped.

So the next time you hear a Parrot Head bleat "Bush lied us into the war in Iraq!" you'll know how to answer them. Or better yet, make them watch this, and then ask them to explain themselves. That should end up being even more amusing than the Japanese Dog Show!

If the link above won't play for you, go directly to the GOP video source here, and scroll down to "Democrats: Dishonest on Iraq" for a variety of streaming choices...

You can read the entire post with all of the embedded links to the videos HERE.

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