Monday, January 16, 2006

Iran's Psychotic President Projects


Accusing the West of being "in the dark ages," Ahmadinejad (who presides over a nation where tens of thousands of people live in mud huts and rape victims who defend themselves are sentenced to death) did everything today except pound his shoe on the table, while insisting that Poland belonged to him. Oops, that was another fascist. Here is the Reader's Digest/Tammy version of the madman's press conference today:

"We are a peaceful nation who would never want to hurt anyone. We want nuclear energy for electricity, and we don't need nuclear weapons because we don't want to to hurt anyone, but if the West continues to irritate us by saying we want to hurt people, we'll have to hurt them. For implying that we want to hurt people. Which we don't want to do so you better stop it, or we'll hurt you because we are insulted by the accusation that we want to, uh, hurt people."

Yeah, that's about it.

You can read the original post with embedded links (about the rape victims, and the press conference) HERE.

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