Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I hate to post a lot of heavy stuff, but I'm gonna post a bunch of heavy but important stuff in this one post. The MSM doesn't want to discuss these things, but some things have to be faced up to for what they really are.

Here are some links about Radical Islam from Tammy Bruce:

The Religion of Ghouls
Look at what these sadistic Islamist freaks are putting Jill Carroll through. They have released their latest scream-fest featuring this young woman. Anyone who still questions the moral justification of the WoT and the need to completely vanquish these modern day monsters should offer themselves up to take Carroll's place.

Any takers? Barbra Streisand? Joel Stein? Christianne Amanpour? Cindy Sheehan? Yoo hoo...

You can read more HERE.

Song for the Ages
The indubitable Charles at Little Green Footballs brings to our attention a guaranteed addition to the Islamic Hit Parade: "It's in the Koran."

(UPDATE 02-17-06 This song has been removed from several places on the internet, due to complaints. I have updated the link to connect to a page at Little Green Footballs, where it is now being posted, along with an explaination by the author about why he wrote it.) The tune is amusing, but the song is disturbing, because the lyrics are, well ... it's in the Koran.

Gaza Not Enough; Hamas Demands Return of Seville
I couldn't believe this, even in this day and age when we should believe just about everything, but here it is. Courtesy of Charles at Little Green Footballs, Islamist terrorists now want the Spanish city of Seville returned to Islam...

I wonder if Spain is suprised? What did they expect when they decided to appease the train bombers? Tammy has a nice quote from Winston Churchill about appeasers:

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last."

Why the Hamas Victory is a Good Thing
Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe does an excellent job putting the Hamas election sweep into perspective, and why it should be viewed as a very good thing indeed...

Iraqis Taking Care of Business
Iraq the Model has great news of Iraqi tribes rejecting the bloody madness of al-Qaida as they continue to take their nation back. This is one more indication that the depraved al-Qaida message is repudiated by decent Muslims everywhere...

Tick, Tick, Tick Goes Iran
As the Mad Mullahs and the Terrorist President of Iran continue to enrich uranium, give the finger to the world, as they plan to return Earth to the year 600, the EU Three--Britain, France and Germany, have agreed to start "negotiating" again with these genocidal fanatics. What does this accomplish? The same thing "negotiating" with Hitler accomplished--it gives the madman more time to build and plan for world war...

You can read all of Tammy Bruce's posts about Radical Islam HERE.

Bill O’Reilly recently hosted Tammy Bruce on The Factor regarding the recent outrageous comments LA Times columnist Joel Stein made about not supporting our troops. The website Blogforbooks.com has about 4 minutes of video tape available on line.

Another link about Islam that is worth visiting is High School Conservative Clubs of America. The story of how this website was founded is in itself interesting. At the bottom of the front page is a warning, with links to all the terrorist videos that the MSN says are too terrible for you to see.

Yes, they are indeed terrible. They are also a big reason WHY we are fighting this war on terror. Since the MSN in only interested in reporting on why we shouldn't be fighting, they don't want to report on the whole picture. I find it extreamly ironic, that to find the whole story, we have to turn to websites run by high school kids, because our MSN is run by a bunch of chicken-sh*ts.

Ok, that was nasty, but I feel a little better now ;)

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