Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Texas vs Massachusetts:
Which one has higher moral standards?

A Red State vs Blue State comparison and rebuttle

Andrew Sullivan wrote an article called "Conflicted America: The Ironies Abound". It publishes some statistics that imply that the behavior of people in Red states is less moral than the behavior of blue state residents. He uses Texas and Massachusetts as examples.

Yet the way Sullivan presented the statistics was not quite right... and after reading this rebuttle "Red vs. Blue Morality: Figures don't lie, but . . . ." from the blog The View From 1776, it's easy to see why. The rebuttle points out several inconvenient factors Sullivan does not take into account, which skew his analysis. And Sullivan's comparison of the US and Holland, deviating from his Texas/Massachusetts comparison he had been doing, was disingenuous.

I found it interesting to read both. A few things weren't explained, like why Texas has more Titty bars, and even Gay Bath Houses, which are outlawed in Massachusetts. I would guess that is because Texas is simply less regulated by government interference in such... entertainments. Am I right?

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Lone Ranger said...

I think it just means that Texas wives are heavily armed.