Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More than new laws needed to 'fix' Abramoff scandal

Star Parker makes so many good points in this article, that it's hard to pick just a few paragraphs for an excerpt:

...Already there is talk in Washington about "lobbying reform legislation." Washington has seen many scandals over the years, followed by a lot of reform legislation that was supposed to close the gaps allowing improper influence and corruption. Yet, despite a lot of laws about what lobbyists can and can't do, along came Abramoff to show what a truly talented, creative, and energetic liar and charlatan can accomplish.

There are two themes here to remember.

First, excessive government is a big part of the problem. The more of our lives that we turn over to politicians and bureaucrats, the more we expand the scope of the culture of power and influence that emerges from this. When we address corruption with new laws, we just make government bigger and therefore expose ourselves to more, not less, of the same problem.

Second, the more we choose to believe that our problem is not enough laws, the more we distort the truth that the problem is corrupt people, not a corrupt system...

It's not a long article, but she cuts through the BS and calls things what they are. Indian casinos and all... you can read the full article HERE.

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