Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas Lunatic Mother
wins seat in Parliament

Perhaps that is too judgemental a statement; I think it might be unfair to lunatics. Decide for yourself. From FrauBudgie at the blog "Red Hot Cuppa Politics":

Hamas Mother of Murder Wins Seat in Pali Parliament ...

Miriam Farahat has lost three sons to suicide bombings against Israel; yesterday, she was elected to the Palestinian Parliament.

So, what has she promised to do for her constituents? Housing? Jobs? Education? Clinics?

Nope -- she's promised to get the rest of her kids to blow themselves up as well.

See, she didn't exactly "lose" her kids to suicide bombing. She told them to do it...

It's worth reading the whole piece HERE.

How long will it take for the liberals in the west to realise that what we are dealing with in the middle east is a very dangerous mental pathology of suicide/murder, propagated by the irrational religious fanaticism of the suicide murder cult that is Radical Islam? Treating it as a legitimate political movement is to support it, and anyone who supports it as such is also not in their right mind.

And to those who would say "This is why the middle east doesn't need Democracy", I would say, think more deeply, please.

The founding fathers of our own nation realized that pure democracies had a tendecy to self destruct; that they all eventually degenerated into mob rule.

That is why our form of government is not a pure democracy, but a republic, governed by democratically elecected representatives and the Rule of Law. Our laws are there to protect the individual from the tyranny of mob rule.

The middle east has no tradition of democracy, but it can be learned. However, the election of a government of suicide bomber fanatics is hardly a democracy that will last, nor is it an example of the kind of democratic governing we are attempting to cultivate in the middle east. To suggest that it is, is absurd in the extream.

The people in the west who do not support establishing real and lasting democracy in the middle east are often the same ones who have no use for democracy here at home, and think a totalitarian goverment would be fine here too, as long as it was the "politically correct" kind that reflected their views.

A politically correct Suicide Bomber cult isn't likely to create any kind of democracy, but only a totalitarian state. Even Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer aren't doing what this woman does. But insofar as they would support a woman like this in her insanity, I say, shame on them.


FrauBudgie said...

Good point that the USA started life as a republic, which is different from straight democracy, although we do depend on the democratic process ...

Isn't MamaHamas a piece of work -- and thanks for the link!

Chas said...

The Fatah party wasn't much better than Hamas, both have killed Israelies and Americans. Fatah was corrupt for years, with members like Arafat enriching themselves, which is probably why they were voted out.

This could go several ways, it remains to be seen. But MamaHamas is the symptom of a larger pathology at work in the middle east.

We will have an interesting year ahead.