Monday, January 09, 2006

Germany's Merkel says Guantanamo should be shut; Germany lets "convicted for life" terrorist go free

The article about Mekel's comments can be found Here on Patty's Blog.

Now according to what I've read in the MSN, Merkel is supposed to be Germany's equivelent of Margaret Thatcher. Yet I wonder how that could be true.

This is a photo of Steelworker 2nd Class (DV) Robert Dean Stethem, who was murdered by terrorist hijackers in Beirut.
— File / AP Photo

The convicted murderer, Mohammed Ali Hamadi, supposedly serving a "life" sentence in Germany, has been paroled and has left the country, as reported in an article on Tammy Bruce's blog.

An excerpt:

...And the Germans have no idea where he's going. Can you say, Wherever al-Qaida is?

The Germans release this savage after he serves only 19 years of a "life" sentence for hijacking and murder. Just in time for him to join al-Qaida! Never forget that this is the sort of "internationalism" John Kerry and the rest of the Demoleftists so admire.

So when Merkel visits here and shoots her mouth off about how we must close Gitmo, will anyone ask her what HER solution is? Would it be the same thing THEY did for sentenced-for-life murderer Mohammed Ali Hamadi? Let'em go... now there's a plan!

The Germans say we haven't asked for Hamadi's extradition. But the Washington Post says differently. From Tammy:

Apparently, we have been trying to extradite him from the beginning, but Germany has been uncooperative all these years. This story also has details about how the Germans told us of his release after he had already left Germany, headed for Lebanon, a country with which we have no extradition treaty.

Will any of the MSN talk about this when Merkel comes to visit?

And people think France is bad. The Germans make the French seem downright friendly.

There was a poll done a while back, where countries around the world were asked: "Is America a force for good in the world?" I believe 38 percent of the French said "yes", while only 27 percent of the Germans said "yes".

While dealing with quite an unrelated matter, I came across this photo on the internet:

The site I got it from explained that the photo is from a parade in Germany.

I'm not a Clinton fan, but I still was rather suprised. Looking at this float, it's quite a work of Art; it's huge, it looks like a lot of effort went into making it, and I don't imagine it was an inexpensive project. I could only wonder... who paid for it? And what are those guys with the funny hats on top of the white house - what's that all about? And ... do the Germans have a LOT of time on their hands, or what?

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