Sunday, April 08, 2007

Duckling feeds Koi... or Koi steals lunch?

Well it LOOKS like the baby duck is feeding the Koi, but it's hard to say for sure. Ducks like to eat their food with water. The Koi are always on the look out for food in the water. Maybe they are just eating the crumbs that fall out of the duckling's beak; ducks are messy eaters. Then again, the fish are so big, maybe they are sucking the food right out of the ducky's mouth while it's trying to eat, like thugs stealing a school kid's lunch!

Whatever is really happening, it's still cute to watch. You just hope the Koi don't think the ducky looks tasty. They're so much bigger than he is!

Come to think of it, don't most ducklings have siblings? Where's the other little duckies? Uh oh...

Source link: baby duck feed the carp (Nishiki-Goi, Koi)


Anonymous said...

Just hmmmmmm! Glad I don't keep an aquarium. Either way there'd be a lot of death going on since I'd probably over-do and under-do thing. lol

Anonymous said...

My son has a beautiful huge tank. He wants to know where to hire the duck to feed his fish! lol