Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tammy Bruce on the push to purge talk radio

Former President of the Los Angeles Chapter of NOW, Tammy Bruce appears on Bill O'Reilly's show to talk about the assorted methods the left is using to try to silence it's critics. She maintains there is a struggle in the Democratic party right now between the far left and classical liberal Democrats like herself, with the former trying to purge the later. The video is just over 5 minutes long.

On her blog, she posted about her upcomming appearance on the show. An excerpt:
[...] I'll be on alone with O'Reilly to discuss how the Imus firing is really the beginning of what the left hopes will be an ideological purging (silencing) of talk radio.

Keep in mind, Imus is not a 'conservative,' but he is also not a leftist. I see this attack on Imus very much like the attempt by Establishment Left to purge Lieberman (and what he represents) from the Democratic Party--there is indeed an ideological war going on, and even before the leftist gestapos out there feel they can turn to silencing conservatives, they have to purge their own house of liberals who don't pledge allegiance to the leftist worldview. It's why I get attacked by the left for not being a "real" Democrat and why Imus was one of the first on their Hit List to go.

It's very Maoist, and very dangerous unless we all speak up. I think we're a nation which can handle being occasionally offended, and can have that discussion socially. Yet, under the guise of protecting the apparently freakishly vulnerable and sensitive ears of minorities, we're being asked to punish and destroy only those who dare to question and decry leftism, issue dissent and cause a politically incorrect ruckus (the two usually go together). All of us would prefer a world where certain phrases aren't even considered as part of the social debate, but what this is really about is how far you are willing to be manipulated, in the name of 'decency', to allow and accept Stalinistic control over what can and cannot be heard.

For those who think this is about decency across the board, when Jesse "Hymie Town" Jackson and Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton call for the firing of Rosie "Ching-Chong" O'Donnell, then you'll have a point. But you won't because she's a loyal moonbat and has 'protection' to say whatever the hell she wants. Ching-chong to you, too.

In the meantime, it's safe to say this has nothing to do with "decency" and everything to do with ideology and the leftist politics of purging those who are unafraid and cannot be controlled. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) Having been a Leftist activist for many years, and as such used the MSM extensively, Tammy knows well of what she speaks. Tammy is the author of three books (the most recent: "The New American Revolution"). She currently hosts her own Talk Radio show in the Los Angeles area.


Anonymous said...

I heard this and saved it on DVR with plans to take down the script! This video serves the purpose in a much better way. Great post - nice find. Nice to have a real human being own up to this.

benning said...

Rush Limbaugh has been warning of this attempt to silence the Right in Talk Radio for some time. Can it be stopped? Maybe.

Dionne said...

I actually saw this when it aired and as always was impressed with Tammy. She is such an asset for our side for so many reasons. For one thing she knows the left's tactics since she used to be one of them.

Chas said...

Her three books go into a lot of detail about topics like this. The first two books describe how the left thinks and how they accomplished what they have. The third book, "The New American Revolution", builds on the first two, and focuses on what we can do about it now.