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Hitler, Islamism and Leftist Liberals...

Pakistani women protesters showing their admiration of Hitler, a great man that even Allah should bless. Should we be suprised?

Radical Islam (or Islamism) has two things in common with Nazi ideology; a hatred of jews, and a totalitarian view towards the world. The Nazi's believed that the jews were the enemy of the Aryan race. The adherents of Islamism believe the jews are the enemy of Islam. They both believe in imposing their worldview on the unwilling.

And why are so many leftist "liberals" in the west sympathetic to Islamism? Because they also share a totalitarian view of the world; they desire a totalitarian state, where they will not have to tolerate criticism from others.

You may think that is a drastic accusation. Even I would concede that not all leftists are totalitarians; but I have observed that many of them are.

When I was a waiter in San Francisco, I was horrified at some of the conversations I would overhear. People who call themselves liberals, saying how Hitler really wasn't such a bad man; he was just greatly misunderstood. He only became nasty because people oppossed him. He probably had bad toliet training as a baby, and just needed to get in touch with his inner child. They would also say things like:

"The Holocost was greatly exagerated; and anything that did happen to the jews, well they really just brought it on themselves by being so greedy, they had only themselves to blame. There really was no need for a war at all, Hitler was just used as a scapegoat by the American Military Industrial Complex, who would use ANY excuse to start a war to make money. America is the REAL force for evil in the world, and needs to be stopped."

The people saying these things were college educated. Many of them were even teachers. It gives you some idea of what is taught in schools these days.

Now the left is saying that we need to be respectful on Islam; cartoons critical of Islam are not to be tolerated. Yet it's ok to critisize Christianity or Judaism, because it's "Art". But many on the left have taken it even further. Oriana Fallaci, a controversial and outspoken Italian author and Journalist, has published a book that is critical of Islam. It doesn't acually say anything that isn't true, but some people are calling for her head... some Muslims, literally.

And the Italian Left are more than sympathetic. "Artist" Giuseppe Veneziano’s “American Beauty” exibit in Milan, is a series of paintings about what he calles the “weakness and perversity of the American way of life.” One of the paintings is of Ms. Fallaci's severed head:

In an article by Robert Spencer, titled "Fallaci Beheaded", Mr. Spencer comments on the affinity shared by the European Left and adherents of Islamism:

...Both the Left and the mujahedin envision a totalitarian state that cleanses the world of evil by force, establishing a just society at the price of an unspecified number of dead. Both are advocates of a supremacist ideology that is immune to self-criticism and unable to tolerate criticism from others. And now as the European Union contemplates new laws that will, in the words of Franco Frattini, who bears the Orwellian designation of EU Commissioner for Justice, Freedom, and Security, “give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression,” the marriage of the European Left and Islamic jihad can proceed all the more speedily. Frattini has since denied that the EU has any such plans, but there can be no denying that voices all over the West have called for the media to exercise “responsible self-regulation” so as to avoid trampling upon Muslim sensibilities. But Muslim sensibilities only: those who depict Fallaci beheaded, or Jesus Christ with the face of Osama bin Laden, will continue to be subject to the same protections enunciated by Josh Wainwright, the producer of the art show that featured the Christ/Osama painting: “I don’t think it’s anyone’s job or vocation to limit the expression of artists.” Right. Except cartoon artists, of course. Or at least those who have the temerity to suggest that there might be some connection between violent actions done by Islamic jihadists and the Prophet who said that “Paradise is under the shades of swords.”

(bold emphasis mine) Nazi Germany also had a fondness for beheading. They even beheaded a 17 year old boy for distributing anti-Hitler pamphlets. The Nazis have been estimated to have guillotined some 40,000 people in Germany and Austria; possibly more than were beheaded during the French Revolution. That number might have been even higher, but they developed the gas chambers for the concentration camps instead of the guillotine, as a faster and more efficent methode of killing mass numbers of people quickly and economically.

And of course, we have people right here in the USA, non-muslims, who seem to think that beheading people is fine, as long as you get the right ones. Some of you may recall this picture of President Bushes decapitated head from an earler post from a protest in Washington, DC. Why do I suspect these protesters are also sympathetic to those who use totalitarian methods to enforce what they belive?

These folks should take a lesson from Iran. When the Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran, he did so with the help of a coalition of partners, including many letist groups like socialists, communists, feminists, gays and liberals. These groups trusted Khomeini to share power with them, once the Shah had been ousted.

They had a nasty suprise. Once the Ayatollah came to power, he began to liquidate his partners. Those who opposed his theocracy were simply eliminated. Liberal and progressive are dirty words in Iran now, synonyms for “apostate”, a charge that carries a death sentence.

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Gayle said...

I don't know if I can take your links. Just looking at some of the pictures you have posted makes me want to puke! Unfortunately, the people who need to be reading this won't read it, and if they should, they will not believe it no matter what the proof.

I don't understand how so many people in this country seem to have the inability to think! I know a great portion of our population has been brainwashed, but at some point can they not use "common sense"? It's as though they have lost that function completely.

Chas said...

For years in San Francisco, I watched liberals -gays, feminists, socialists- embrace facists and Theocratic dictators, while condeming the American government as facist, and accusing Christians of doing things that Islamists actually DO.

The only thing the assorted liberals have in common with the facists and dictators they admire so, is their hatred of America, and the desire for unopposed power over others. Yet many of these liberals would be the first to be crushed and/or liquidated by the people they embrace, if they lived under their power. In SF, I felt like I was surrounded by people furisouly sawing away at the branches they were sitting on.

I thank God that our government is a Republic, based on the rule of law and the constitution. If it were a pure democracy, the Libs would have destroyed it long ago. That's why they hate our government so much - it's the branch they are trying to cut off.

Liberals want absolutely NO limitations placed on them, and without ANY limitations, you go off the road. Self destruct. Think "Thelma and Louise". Remember that movie? The romantisization of Murder-Suicide. Perfected by the French philosophers, where it then trickled down to, and was adopted by, the cult of Islamism, where it now manifests as suicide-bombers.

If only the French had stuck to wine and cheese, and left philosophy alone...

Gayle said...

"If only the French had stuck to wine and cheese, and left philosophy alone..." Amen to that!

Austin, Texas has turned into a "mini" San Francisco. It was in the only county in Texas that went "blue" during the last election. I have a grown daughter who lives in Austin and I absolutely hate going down there. Moonbats everywhere. Yuck! It is perfectly understandable why you got out of SF.